Alexander Kareem’s family ‘not going to rest’ three years since his murder in Shepherd’s Bush

  • Watch ITV London's interview with Alexander Kareem’s siblings.

The family of a man shot dead in Shepherd’s Bush three years ago have insisted they are “not going to rest” until they get justice.

On the anniversary of his death, Alexander Kareem’s siblings; 33-year-old Khafi, and 29-year-old Kabir urged anyone with information to come forward and for those responsible to hand themselves in or risk living with a “heavy conscience”.

The 20-year-old was shot on Askew Road, Shepherd’s Bush, west London, in the early hours of June 8 2020 as he was travelling to a friend’s house on a scooter.

Alexander Kareem who was shot dead on June 8 2020. Credit: Met Police

An increased reward of £20,000 has been offered by Crimestoppers for any leads that could catch the killers.

Talking to ITV News London, Alexander Kareem's brother Kabir said: "We've lost a brother, my mum's lost a son. A new life in the sense of you have to actually just learn how to have that grief weigh on you daily."

His sister Khafi, in the same interview, told ITV News London: "The person who did it should just hand themselves in and put their hands up, because ultimately, you can't run from a crime like this."

Alexander's sister said: "You can't run from a crime like this." Credit: PA Images

Khafi, who has served as a Met Police officer since 2010 but is not involved in the investigation, told the PA news agency: “I never thought we’d still be here doing appeals three years on.

“You can’t kill people and get away with it – what kind of society is that? No day goes by where I still don’t think about Alex”, she said.

Khafi also addressed his killers, saying: “You may think you’ve gotten away with it, but you haven’t. We’re not going to rest – it’s not even a choice. He’s not going to die in vain.”

Kabir, who has created a music video on YouTube in tribute to his late brother, said: “From the entire family there’s sorrow (and) high levels of frustration, given that it’s been so long since it’s happened and there’s still been no closure in terms of anyone being caught or actually held accountable for Alex’s killing.“

That’s put a lot of us in quite a dark space, and we want to move forward from the incident."

He said some people in the Shepherd’s Bush community “most definitely do know” the circumstances around Alexander’s shooting, and said it was important to show “these particular actions in our community should not be protected”.

The family have agreed to meet a Met family liaison officer once a month. Detective Inspector Rebecca Woodsford of the homicide team at New Scotland Yard said: “I really hope that people will have a chance to reflect three years on from the trauma and tragedy that this family has faced.

The coffin of Alexander Kareem arrives at the Church of Holy Ghost and St Stephens, during his funeral service

"(Alexander) had so much to look forward to: university, having a family, his whole life. That’s been brutally taken away, not just from him but from his family who are absolutely inconsolable.”

Ms Woodsford said re-visiting all previous work done in the investigation was as important to achieving a breakthrough as chasing new leads.She added: “We’ve been fortunate to have an increase in the Crimestoppers reward, and we’re hoping that and the anniversary will encourage people to come forward.

“There are so many things that we can do as an organisation, both in the police and through the courts, to help protect witnesses who perhaps are nervous or concerned, and we’re willing to speak to anybody."

If you do have any information on this case, the Metropolitan Police have advised that you call 101 and quote Operation SaveH or to tweet @MetCC with reference CAD 4830/07JUN23.

Alternatively, the public can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.